Morta la nonna di Chiara Ferragni

08 marzo 2020, ore 19:00

La fashionblogger lo ha annunciato sui suoi canali social con un lungo post

Grave lutto per Chiara Ferragni. Nonna Maria, in ospedale da tre settimane, è morta. La fashion blogger l'ha ricordata sui suoi canali social con un lungo post e una serie di foto in cui è presente anche il figlio di Chiara Ferragni, Leone. L'influencer, nel suo  post, ha chiesto ai suoi followers di starle vicino perché ha il cuore spezzato e ha chiesto di pregare per Nonna Maria. 

Morta la nonna di Chiara Ferragni
Intanto Chiara Ferragni e Fedez sono impegnati in questi giorni sui social a diffondere messaggi rivolti a chi deve affrontare l'emergenza corona virus. I due invitano ad attenersi alle disposizioni del Governo. 
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The first photo of this slideshow is my favorite of our four generations together: Leo was barely 2 months old and I remember how beautiful It was to see him with you grandma, while it was unclear you’d ever be able to meet him since you got so sick while I was still pregnant. I remember watching you holding him and feeling so emotional I almost couldn’t keep my tears (and my sister Vale couldn’t ❤️). That’s why It was my last present to you the other day at the hospital, hoping it would make you feel better thinking about all the people that love you. Last night, after fighting for weeks like the strong woman you’ve always been, you decided It was time to go. And all our hearts are broken and we already miss you so much and It’s even hard to talk about it, or talk about you. Maybe in this diffucult time you thought it was better becoming our angel and protecting us from up there. I really hope so. What really breaks my heart is thinking about my mum right now losing her beloved mother in a time when not even regular funerals are allowed. Seeing them together at the hospital in these past three weeks made me realize once again how love, family and health are the only things that really matter. My mum is the most human person I know and I know grandma how proud you are of her everyday. Keep an eye on all of us and thanks for the best memories, we love you forever ❤️

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